A Day in the Life of becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro EPISODE (2)

Another Day in the Life of a Bikini Competitor!!

I had a super eventful day and wanted to bring you along with me!!

I started the day off of course with some breakfast; oatmeal and peanut butter with strawberries is my GO TO especially on prep!

I had a consultation for Lasik as well which I was SOOOO beyond excited for! If you don’t know what Lasik is, it is a procedure for people who wear glasses or contact. This procedure removes layers of your cornea which removes imperfections on your cornea correcting your vision and restoring the eye back to 20/20 vision, if not better than that sometimes! The people in the office were amazing, so information and friendly. I booked my appointment right there on the spot I CANNOT WAIT!

I’m sure you’re asking well what makes you a good candidate?? Well, they look for candidates at least age 25 with consistent prescription for at least a year. They also measure the thickness of your cornea to ensure they can safely remove the imperfections without any issues. All these test and measurement are noninvasive and such an easy process!!

Once my consultation was over and the procedure was scheduled I headed to the next adventure of the day!! A PHOTOSHOOT!

About a month ago Barbell Cartel a fitness apparel company reached out to me to work with them as a sponsored affiliate! I signed a 3-month contract with them and had my first photoshoot! I worked with Zach who I worked with for C4 as well and he did an amazing job, so I was excited to work with him again!

Barbell Cartel provide me with some apparel for the photoshoot and I’m OBSESSED! They gave me two pairs of compression shorts, a sports bra and a cropped t-shirt! I will be doing a more in-depth YouTube review on the product as well to give you all more information!!

We did the photoshoot at the gym I usually train at with my train which was super awesome because were we at a location that I had been to and trained at a ton of times which was super helpful in my comfort level during the shoot! I saw some of the photos as we were shooting, and they already look SOO GREAT! I am so excited to see the final product from the photoshoot!

After about an hour and a half of taking photos and video for video content as well, it was time to get our LIFT IN! it was BACK DAY BABBBY! Learning to love back day as much as I love shoulders and legs! STRONG IS SEXY LADIES! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise!!

Thanks for coming along with me during my day, hope you enjoyed it!