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1:1 Coaching

Macro Coaching

Get personalized macros and gain control of your body’s energy balance (weight gain, maintenance, or weight loss). This is based on a Calories In vs. Calories Out principle for weight management.

Workout Programs

Full custom training plans, tailored to your goals. Want to improve particular muscle groups? Not a problem. I’ll build out a program to guide you towards the body you want.

Weekly Accountability

Daily and weekly check-ins (through our client portal) allow me to make proper adjustments for you along the way to prevent plateaus and continue progression. Check-ins consist of progress photos and a few simple questions about how your body is feeling.

Messaging Access

Stay in touch! Through my web app you’ll be able to let me know what’s going on throughout the week and ask me any questions you may have relating to your program or fitness in general. I enjoy chatting with and teaching you guys.


6 Week Pumpkin Delts
8 Week Booty Program
12 Week Shredz Program

Competition Prep Coaching

Interested in pushing physical extremes and stepping on stage? As an IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete I offer competition prep coaching for both men and women who would like to compete in the NPC/IFBB Leagues to become an elite-level athlete. I’ll handle your macros, training and cardio protocols as well as advising you through things like tanning, selecting shows, peak week, show day, improvement seasons and so on.