A Day in the Life of Sponsored C4, Cellucor & Xtend Photoshoot | VLOG

Come join me for my first C4 Energy Photoshoot!

As some of you may know I am sponsored with C4 Energy! If you’re new here, my sponsorship with them started back in March of 2022! I have been using their product for the better part of my 5 year fitness journey! To be sponsored by them now is absolutely amazing!


I got invited to my first photoshoot with them and wanted to take you guys along with me!!

I started my day helping my sister move, still staying local to me but a new house which is even closer to me than before so that is very exciting!!! After that I came home and started prepping for my day/photoshoot! I had a laundry list of things to do; Pack a bag, dye my hair get ready and drive an hour to get there!

I was told we were going for the beach casual/fitness theme so I pack a few outfits to have some variety and to change if needed! I picked out tw cute and simple black bikinis with jean short and two workout outfits. One from Bombshell Sportswear and the other from Amazon! Simple go too outfits, that I have worn in the past and that I know photograph well!

SOOOO as for my hair, it was a HOT MESS. I was streaming on twitch in my pool the week before my shoot and finally hit 100 viewers for the first time so I got pressured into jumping in the pool! INSTANT REGRET LOL My hair turned pink and my pool turned red *OMG* easy clean up for the pool so not to worry there BUT its taken me 3 times of coloring my hair to get it back to where I need it to be! AND im still seeing PINK lol WELP that’s the name of the game!

So I colored my hair and did a little self care to get ready for the shoot! My shower turned pink LOL but that’s nothing new! Once I had my hair and make up done, I check the time.. OF COURSE I WAS RUNNING LATE…. Story of my life !

If you know me you know that about 99% of the time im running late to just about anything and everything LOL it’s a toxic trait that im actively working on HAHAHAHA so I threw on a last minute neutral outfit and ran out of the door!

The drive was about an hour or so , not bad at all it honestly FLEW BY! Once we arrived it was a cute little park/beach! The view was to die for and we were there perfectly at golden hour! The sun was setting and the beautiful red/orange sky was out to play! The shots we took came out absolutely FIREEEEEE!!

Everyone was so nice and friendly it was great to finally meet a few people from the C4 team! After the shoot we went out for food and drinks! The food was absolutely AMAZING!! Overall it was such an amazing day, cannot wait to have another photoshoot with C4!

Hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride!!