Road to Olympia EPISODE (3)

Road to Olympia Prep Update

Hi Friends! We are back for another prep update!! We are 8 weeks out and feeling amazing!!

I have really been taking this prep to be present in what I am doing and really just enjoying this process! The first time around I was very nervous and of course excited but was just going through the motions. This time around I am focusing more on fine tuning my workouts, specifically form. I am refraining from EGO lifting, which if you don’t know what that means it’s lifting as heavy as possible. So I am focusing on form and really tuning into that muscle mind connection, to ensure muscle growth!

2018 transformation to 8 weeks until my 2nd Competition

I finally went to see my trainer for the first time since prep started and he had nothing but great things to say! For those who don’t know I have actually been working with my Trainer for the last 2 years and have known him for about 6 years now! So to be on this journey with someone who truly understands my genetics and overall health and wellness is definitely comforting!

My Coach and I at my 1st NPC Bikini Competition

While at Self Made training with him we hit a SOLIDDD shoulder workout that has be SOREE the next day, in the best way possible! Shoulders has become one of my favorite things to workout aside from legs of course!! This is one thing that I have been working on specifically since my first comp because it was an area that I definitely could improve on to develop fuller delts for this next show!!



Okkkay speaking of next show, I’ve been getting sooo many questions on what’s coming! So my next show is November 5th 2022 and that is a smaller local show similar to the one I did in March. If you didn’t know at my show in March I qualified for nationals already. You’re probably asking yourself , well Sammy Jo then why are you competing in November???? The answer is simple LOL just to get the jitters out!! When I step on stage in November it will be 8months since I competed and that is a LONG time off stage. I wanted to do this local show to get the jitters out and just step back on stage for a second time before doing a HUGE nationals show.


On Stage at my 1st NPC Bikini Competition

So for HUGE nationals show, that takes us to my December 12th 2022 show, OLYMIPA AMATEURS BABY!! One of the largest shows of the year! I am so beyond excited for this show, just the energy of being on stage at OLYMPIA is INSANE!! I am extremely nervous and excited for that show because it is going to be HANDS DOWN the most competitive show! December is the “end” of the season per say in terms of the last show of the year before the Holiday so all of the competitors that have not received their PRO Card compete in this show! So it’s the BEST OF THE BEST!! And im going to BRING IT! I cannot wait to document the rest of this journey for you all and see where this path takes me!!