Unboxing My Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker: A Delightful Journey of Completely Customizable Treats!

Unboxing My Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker: A Delightful Journey of Completely Customizable Treats!


I CANNOT GATE KEEP ANYMORE!! Unboxing a new kitchen gadget is always an exciting experience, especially when it’s the highly anticipated Ninja Creami : Ice Cream Maker. If you know me I am a HUGE Foodie and always looking to make new recipies whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner, oreven desert of course! Of course social media influenced all of us to hop on this Ninja Creami train, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! I have seen sooo many videos and realized this versatile appliance is going to take my dessert-making skills to new heights. It was slightly hard to find, of course with it being the biggest crave on the internet it has been sold out all over the US!! However, I was luck enough to find it online at Target!! I purchased the extra containers on Amazon and will post the link for you!! In this blog post, I’ll share my unboxing experience and my first reaction to using the Ninja Creami providing you with a detailed account of its features, functionality, and the delicious creations it helped me bring to life..

Unboxing the Ninja Creami

As I eagerly unwrapped the packaging, I couldn’t help but admire the sleek design of the Ninja Creami. The box included the main unit, a small recipe guide, a few acessories, and 2 pint containers with the lids. The Creami itself exuded a sense of sturdiness, and its compact size made it suitable for any kitchen countertop. The comact size was great because it doesn’t take too much space on the counter and is early storable in a panty or cabinet!

Getting Started: Setup and User-Friendly Interface

Setting up the Ninja Creami was a breeze. For the most part it comes completely assembled so there isnt much you have to physically put together! I was able to followed the step-by-step instructions provided in the user manual, which guided me through the process seamlessly. All of the insturctions provided were very clear cut and easy to understand! The control panel was intuitive, featuring a clear LCD screen, easy-to-use buttons, and pre-programmed settings for different types of desserts.

Exploring the Features

What does it come with!?

The Ninja Creami boasts an array of impressive features that allow users to experiment with various dessert recipes. Its advanced blending and freezing technology ensure smooth and creamy results. The machine also offers multiple speed settings and a pulse function, giving users precise control over the texture of their creations. A few options the Ninja Creami has is Ice Cream, Lite ice cream, smoothie bowl, milkshakes, Gelato, Sorbet and an option for mix ins as well! These different settings allow you to choose what type of desert youre making and the consistency of the icecream or frozen dessert you desire! The Mix ins option is by far my favorite! This allows you once your frozen treats are completed and nice and creamy texture, to add in whatever toppings you’d like to incorportate in your desert! If you want to add chocolate chips, candy, cookies, brownies, literally whatever your heart desires this is the feature that mixes it into the icecream for you hassle free!

My Ninja Creami Ice Cream routine!

How it works!

Okay so this is the part that it gets fun and creative with the Ninja Creami! There are so many optoins and combinations with this they are truly endless!! There are a few different ways you can approach this as well, healthy route and the carefree route! So if you are looking for more healthy alternatives for ice cream this is definitely an option but the everyday go to icecream packed with sugar is also a way to go with this too! For me of course being a personal trainer and bikini competitor I took the healthier route for my icecreams!! Most important is to start with your base of the icecream and then the mix ins come later! Starting with the base I used Fairlife Non Fat Milk, this is packed with more protein than your regular whole milk which is great for the macronutrients. You can also use heavy whipping cream as well if you would prefer that instead! I mixed in some unsweetened vanilla almond milk (great dairy free option) so assist with the creaminess of the ice cream but also add a slightly sweet flavor. A substitute for this would be some vanilla extract which can also be added in addition to the almond milk if you really love vanilla flavoring! If you dont have milk handy cream cheese and greek yogurt are also great options to use for that creamy consistency! Next up, we go in with the protein powder, for this I used my favorite chocolate whey protein! This is the creative part any protein powder will work for this and if it is a flavor other than vanilla will really be the overall base flavor of the ice cream! From there I added sugar free PB Fit powder and some sugar free vanilla pudding powder! These are great additives to make this ice cream low sugar, being able to enjoy it with out the guilt!! This gave the icecream a chocolate peanutbutter flavor which is the perfect combination and to DIE FORRR OMG!!! So I took all of these ingredients and added them to the pint container up to the max fill line, you do not want to go over that line because hten the machine will have some issues mixing your sweet frozen treats! Once everything is placed in pint container you can add the lid on and place it in the freezer to freeze overnight! I have come to learn that if you freeze it 6-8hours long it will become the consistency of a Wendys Frosty and if you freeze it overnight 8-12 or more hours you will get a creamier incredibly smooth consistency!

Once your mixture is frozen, then you place it in the plastic container with the handle and add the lid with the blade attached this all comes with the Ninja Creami no extra purchse necessary! If you are looking to do ice cream consistency then you will lock it in place and select the ice cream setting on the screen. Once the mixture is mixed once, it is very likely it will come out with a chalky pilled like consistency, DONT BE ALARMED! This is common and may happen. Just place it back in the mixer and select the re spin function on the LED screen on your Ninja Creami and allow it to go through another cycle. You may need to do this 2-3 times before your ice cream meets that desired smooth consistency. From there you can add your favorite mix ins to the ice cream this is going to be your go to items, such as, cookies, brownies, candy, chocolate chips whatever your heart can imagine up, the mix in combinations are endless!! It really is as simple as that once you have that completed then you have your own homemade ice cream!!

My First Reaction: Creamy Delights


Overall, my first reaction to the Ninja Creami was that it was absolutely so easy to use!! The process was so seamless and customizable that the opportunities and ice cream recipes are really endless! You can be so creative with what youre doing and create frozen treats that are new each night of the week! My first go around I did get stuck on the spinning process and thought that I did something wrong when after my first spin it came out with a chalky consistency but as I mentioned before about 2-3 repins does the trick to make it nice and smooth! What i love the most about this Ninja Creami ice cream maker is that you are making ice cream and determining what goes in it, so no more processed treat from the store that have all the extra additives in it and crazy sugar substitutes you determine it all! It really sets itself apart from other traditional ice cream makers because it allows your to make individial frozen pint and add mix ins where as other ice cream makers makes ice cream in bigger batches that arent customized.

Culinary Creativity Unleashed


After realzing how simple it was to make the ice cream in the Ninja Creami my brain started to wonder down a path wondering what other frozen desserts and frozen drinks I could make! Seeing that there were a few other features on the machine my mind went wild! Smoothie bowls were the first thing that came to mind! Adding in a few different fruit combinations and some fruit juice as well to help with the freezing process. Not only can the Ninja Creami do a smoothie bowl but it is a sorbet maker as well! So that will come down to your desired texture! I have so many different fruit based recipes in mind, I am a sucker for tropical fruit and fruit in general so there will be ALOTTT of fruit based recipe inspiration guides coming for you guys soon! The features i am excited to use are the ice cream gelato and the frozen drinks as well! There is a milkshake option on there that I have not experienced yet but am very excited to try! Gone are the days of leaving the house for mint ice cream for the family. It can really all be done here at home with just a few simple indredients we have in the fridge and pantry! Why go out and spend extra money when you can create completely customizable treats and have the ability to easily customize flavor for everyone in the house at your own leasure!

Cleaning and Maintenance

Easy Peassssy

One of the concerns I had before purchasing the Ninja Creami Ice cream maker was the potential hassle of cleaning. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how effortless it was to clean the removable parts. The jar, lid, and accessories were all top rack dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze and allowing me to focus on the joy of creating rather than tedious maintenance.

Conclusion: Elevating Dessert-Making Ice Cream

In conclusion, unboxing and using the Ninja Creami ice cream maker was an exhilarating experience that exceeded my expectations. This really beats out any ice cream maker that I have ever used!! Its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and exceptional performance enabled me to unleash my culinary creativity and produce delectable homemade desserts. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a dessert enthusiast, the Ninja Creami ice cream maker is a game-changer that will elevate your dessert-making endeavors to new heights.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of delightful culinary creations, the Ninja Creami works great and is a must-have addition to your kitchen. Unleash your creativity and indulge in the magic of homemade ice cream! I hope you enjoyed this Ninja Creami review and make sure to follow my social media for more ice cream reciepes and fun frozen desserts!