AMI Clubwear Adult Halloween Costumes


Babesss I am back and partnered with ami clubwear to bring you some more ADULT HALLOWEEN COSTUMES & Costume Ideas for you next Halloween Party or Trick or Treating with Family!!

These unique Halloween costumes will guarantee be a show stopper when you arrive to that Halloween Party! Even if you’re just handing out candy their costumes are AMAZING! Who doesn’t want to dress up and have some Halloween FUN!


My Favorite Costumes or Cosplay Ideas!

I am bringing you 3 Halloween Costume ideas directly from ami clubwear!

All Adult Costumes from AMI are definitely super trendy!! They have hundreds of Adult Halloween Costumes to choose from whether it be a character from your favorite movie, Disney princess characters or a popular character from a TV show. They even have options for group costume ideas with friends and even couple’s costume! With all of the options they have for you to choose from you can do a funny or scary twist on your costumes its all available for you to shop on their site! Also, no more of the one size fits all for Halloween Costumes, they have multiple size options to shop from!! Their website has so many cute clothes as well that you can even create your own costume from all of the options they have!


My favorite AMI Clubwear Halloween Costumes!

Now lets dive into these costumes shall we?!

Black and White race car racer Halloween Costume

First off, we have the Black & White Race-car Racer Outfit! This one is so simple but soooo cute!! Just a two-piece outfit! I got this costume in a size small, and it does fit me a little snug so I could definitely size up to a medium for a slightly more comfortable fit! The top for this is a cute front zip jacket that you can zip completely up for a more sporty look or keep half zipped for a spicier look! The jacket itself has a checkered stripe down the sleeve to match the shorts and two patches on the chest! The jacket comes with cute spandex style shorts that are fully checkered. The waistband on the shorts is stretchy which is great for comfort and it does come up slightly high waisted which we all know I LOVE! I paired this one with my knee high leather boots and it really ties in the sexy look!


Black & White race car racer Halloween Costume

Red & Black Ninja Adult Halloween Costume

Next up, we have the Red & Black Ninja Adult Halloween Costume. This costume is so sexy and such a bold but simple outfit! This costume even comes with all of the needed accessories! It is a one piece leather body suit with the silver zipper up the front. Again you can zip it all the way up for fuller coverage or keep it zipped half way for that spicy look! It comes with the elastic garter belt that buckles in the front and the straps around your thighs and two silk ribbons to wrap up your arms! The model on their website also has a face mask that pairs perfect to really bring together the ninja look! I paired this one with my thigh high leather boots as well since the body suit is also leather! I made sure to position the garter thigh pieces high enough that they were not covered by my boots!! For this costume I got a size small fits me like a glove, if I were to size up to a medium it would be slightly baggy so sticking true to size is a must for this!!


Red & Black Ninja Adult Halloween Costume

White sexy Ruffled it – Sexy Halloween Costumes & Cosplay

Last but not least, we have the White Ruffled IT which is a SUPER sexy Adult Halloween Costume, with inspiration from Pennywise the clown! This is the first time I’ve ever done a “scary” costume so I love the spicy twist on it! Ladies, if you’re not getting your halloween costumes from AMI Clubwear what are you even doing?! This is another one of the popular costumes in store and online this halloween! This costume comes with absolutely ALL accessories you need and there are alot of pieces! Starting off we have the bandeau top that ties in the back which allows you to chose the level of support! Detailed with white ruffles and the red pom pom! This matched perfect with the bottoms, high-waisted white bottoms with full coverage in the back and the white ruffles and red pom pom on the front as well! For more finer detail it comes with two small arm sleeves that are detailed with white ruffles and two red pom poms to tie into your hair for pig tails! I opted to keep mine low, and because my hair is red they kind of blend in but still add a cute touch to the costume! The model on the website is wearing white fishnet stockings with this and white boots and the combination is sooooo CUTE! I got this in a small and it fits me absolutely perfect!! Only thing missing is the makeup!


White sexy Ruffled it – Sexy Halloween Costumes & Cosplay

Adult Costumes & Dressing Up in Halloween Costumes!

We all know adult halloween costumes aren’t hard to find!

Halloween costumes are everywhere; in store and online. Its always fun to dress up for halloween, but for me I cosplay all year round so these Adult halloween costumes double as cosplay costumes for me as well! The most important thing about getting a costume is getting something you feel confident, sexy in so its really important that you are able to pick your own size costume! We all know one size fits all costumes don’t actually fit all, so the size does matter! I have listed my size above for each costume and my measurements below for reference!


Top 3 favorite costumes!


I hope you love these adult costumes as much as I do! Be sure to check out AMI CLUBWEAR for other Adult Costumes for you next Party!! Tag me on IG @itssammyjo_ if you purchase any of these and wear them at your next costume party! Thank you again to AMI for sending me these costumes to try on and review for you all!!


Waist: 26”

Hips: 36 1/2”

Bust: 34D