Adult Halloween Costumes


Babesss I am back to bring you some more Costume Ideas for you next Halloween Party or Trick or Treating with Family!!

These unique Halloween costumes will guarantee be a show stopper when you arrive to that Halloween Party! Even if you’re just handing out candy their costumes are AMAZING! Who doesn’t want to dress up and have some Halloween FUN!

Fashion Nova Costumes or Cosplay Ideas!

I am bringing you 4 Halloween Costume ideas from FASHION NOVA!

When I tell you they really outdid themselves on all Adult Costumes of the latest trends with their costume selection I am not lying. They have hundreds of Adult Halloween Costumes to choose from whether it be a character from your favorite movie, Disney princess characters or a popular character from a TV show, scary or funny they have it all! They even have options for group costume ideas with friends, couple’s costume, or family costumes with multiple characters! You can have so much fun putting these costumes together for any Halloween Occasion! Again whether you want a funny or scary twist on your costumes its all available for you to shop on their site! Also, no more of the one size fits all for Halloween Costumes, they have multiple size options to shop from!!


Adult Halloween Co

Now lets dive into these Costumes shall we?!

Star Wars Sexy Adult Halloween Costume & classic cosplay

First off, we have On The Naughty Side” which is a fun, sexy spin off costume, inspired by Darth Vader from Star Wars! This one is definitely an Adult Costume that I would for obvious reason not recommend for Kids. I would definitely use this one for a Costume Party! This costume is a one piece body suit that comes with the cap and garter straps! I paired this outfit it with black knee high stockings as well! In the star wars movies, Darth Vader is wearing Black boots, when wearing this out I would definitely finish it off with some black knee high leather boots to tie it all together! I got this one in a size small and it fits me well, I could size up to a medium for a more loose fit if I needed!


The Dark Side – Darth Vader

Mrs. incredible – The Incredibles Halloween Costume or cosplay

Next up, we have the Call Her Cool” costume modeled after Mrs. Incredible from the Incredibles movies! This costume is so simple and cute, ladies you NEED THIS ONE FOR SURE! The incredibles is such classic movie and this costume is great for your next costume party! This costume even comes with all of the needed accessories! It is a one piece body suit that comes with the the gloves that go about elbow high up your arm and also comes with the super hero mask! I paired this one with my thigh high leather boots as well since her Character also wears black thigh high stockings/boots. Not much makeup is required for this one because in the movies Mrs. Incredible does not wear much makeup herself! This outfit has become one of my favorite Halloween Costumes. For this costume I got a size small/medium and it fits me like a glove!!


Mrs. Incredible

Woody – Toy Story sexy Costume for halloween & Cosplay

Next up, we have the New Sheriff In Town” costume modeled after the classic Woody from Toy Story of course! This is definitely one of the most popular costumes Fashion Nova has on their website! This costume has been seen EVERY WHERE and is so trendy and popular right now for Halloween Costumes! I would 10000% wear this Halloween Costume to a Costume Party. Fashion Nova of course included all of the accessories for this costume that you will need! This outfit comes with the Denim patterned bottoms with the brown belt/belt buckle attached, the red/yellow cowboy printed zip up top and the red bandana to tie around your neck! The bottoms even have the garter belt to attach to stockings! You can choose any color you’d like but I think black, yellow, or red would look best! You can even shop for toy guns to pair with this outfit to give it the full “sheriff” affect! This costume is a size small/medium and fits me great everything is so comfortable!


New Sheriff in Town – Woody

Buzz Lightyear – Toy Story sexy Halloween Costumes & Cosplay

Finally, we have the Infinite And Beyond” a sexy Adult Halloween Costume, with inspiration from the classic Buzz Light from Toy Story! This is by far the most fun costume I have ever worn! Ladies, this is your sign to go shop on Fashion Nova and buy this RIGHT NOW! This is another one of the popular costumes in store and online this halloween! This costume comes with absolutely ALL accessories you need! It comes with the bottoms that have the green and purple details in the belt, the green/white/purple bra top, white/green arm sleeves AND it even comes with the green tinted GLASSES! My favorite part of this whole costume is the jet pack book-bag that it comes with, it is a usable bag to hold all your belongings. Absolutely perfect to carry around for a Halloween Party! This costume is a size small/medium as well and fits me sooo perfect!!


Sexy Buzz Lightyear!

Adult Costumes & Dressing Up!

We all know adult halloween costumes aren’t hard to find!

They are everywhere; in store and online. Its always fun to dress up for halloween, but for me I cosplay all year round so these Adult halloween costumes double as cosplay costumes for me as well! The most important thing about getting a costume is getting something you feel confident, sexy in so its really important that you are able to pick your own size costume! We all know one size fits all costumes don’t actually fit all, so the size does matter! I have listed my size above for each costume and my measurements below for reference!


Sexy Woody & Buzz Lightyear


I hope you love these adult costumes as much as I do! Be sure to check out Fashion Nova for other Adult Costumes for you next Party!! Tag me on IG @itssammyjo_ if you purchase any of these and wear them at your next costume party!


Waist: 26”

Hips: 36 1/2”

Bust: 34D