Fashion Nova Sexy Christmas Lingerie

Fashion Nova Sexy Christmas Lingerie


Fashion Nova strikes again with some AMAZING Christmas outfits. This time around it is sexy Christmas lingerie! I am so beyond excited to share these sets with you because they are TO DIE FOR!! I have purchased some lingerie from them before and absolutely loved it so I knew this Christmas lingerie would be just as amazing!

Some of you may be wondering, well it’s Christmas… a Holiday for giving back and being with family. What do you need sexy christmas lingerie for??? OKAY, well I’m here to tell you that you can feel confident and sexy in your own skin regardless of the time of year OR the holiday!! I mean common, who doesn’t want an excuse to put on some sexy lingerie for their special someone or even just for themselves and feel like A MILLION BUCKS????? The holiday or occasion can be/mean whatever you want it too!! Christmas, Valentine’s Day, hell even the 4th of July whatever it is treat yourself to something sexy!!

Out of all of the Christmas lingerie Fashion Nova has to Offer in their Christmas Collection I purchased 3 gorgeous lingerie sets! Let’s check them out a little more in detail!

Secret Santa 2 Piece Set – Red & White

sexy santa christmas lingerie -itssammyjo

First off we have the Secret Santa 2 PC set! This is the cutest two piece set, it gives me all of the sexy santa vibesss!! It is a red velvet bralette and underwear with a fuzzy white addition on the lining of the top and bottom giving that santa vibe! This set just screams Christmas Season! This set is fun because you can add things to it to spruce it up! Stockings, a santa hat or even just garder straps to make it more festive and even more sexy! This is the perfect simple sexy christmas lingerie! The bralette top on this has adjustable straps which is great to provide as little or as much support as you need and then clasps in the back like a regular bra! The bottoms are not adjustable which is the only downside. I purchased this in a size small and does fit me perfect the bottoms could be just a smidge tighter! They do come up slightly high waisted which if you know me you know I LOVEEEEE!!! Again this is a super cute and simple set to get that confidence spark back!

Santa Honey 2 Piece Teddy Set – Red, White & Black

season christmas lingerie - itssammyjo

Next up we have the Santa Honey 2PC teddy set! I have to say, i have never been MORE OBSESSED with a lingerie set IN MY LIFE!!! This teddy is so comfortable and SO CUTE! it conforms to your body and is super flattering. Some body suits tend to be baggier in the torso but that is not the case with this one at all! I purchased it in a size small and it hugs my body so well! It is red overall with the white fur lining the bra top and the classic black santa belt on the waist! The 2PC aspect of this one is the santa hat that comes with it. I think its a cute littel addition, but for this one you can definitely add some white fishnets or stocking for that extra flair! Since this one is a bodysuit there are buttons on the bottom that allow easy removal which we all know is soooo convenient!! This one is super versitile also, it can be paired with a cute skirt or pair of jeans to make it street wear clothing for a holiday party or bar hopping with friends! it is not too sexy or revealing and can be manipulated into many different outfits!!

Secret Santa Chemise 2 Piece Set – Red & White

sexy christmas lingerie  - sammy jo

Lastly, we have the secret santa chemise 2pc set! This one is in a really pretty red velvet print with the white fur lining on the top, paired with a super cute black bow! What I love most about this one is the red velvet underwear that comes with it and the garder belt straps that come down from the camise! This set doesn’t come with stockings so you will need those on your own! I think white or black would pair perfect with this set bringing out the bow or the white fur lining!


RUN DONT WALK AND GO SHOPPING ON FASHION NOVA RIGHT NOW FOR THESE SPICY CHRISTMAS LINGERIE SETS!! I really hope you love these as much as I did!! They have so much to choose from and so many colors! They even have some pink sets and green sets to model off of elves! So FREAKING ADORABLE!!! the non traditional pink sets are also to die for, but I do a good traditional season lingerie! Now go shopping and have a very Merry Lingerie Christmas!!!