My Top Favorite Patterns from Toxic Angelz Bikini Posing Suits!

My Top Favorite Patterns from Toxic Angelz Bikini Posing Suits!


I am so excited to bring back another Bikini Haul and Review for you all! This one is a little special than ones we have some previously BECAUSE these are from Toxic Angelz Bikini! Toxic Angelz is a well know company in the fitness industry for Custom High quality Competition Suits and Posing Bikinis. They do offer more outside of that but their main focus is their Bikinis! I am so glad that I get to share these with you, and show you my favorite prints and patterns from my most recent posing suit haul!

What is a Posing Suit?

A posing suit is the bikini that you wear either during prep or during your off season to practice your posing. This allows you to see you full physique and muscle definition as you would see it in your competition suit. However, since the competition suit is more expensive and covered in rhinestones you want to preserve it and keep it safe to avoid damaging it, so you wear the posing suit instead. Some competitors like to keep their competition suit a surprise until they step on stage so that would be another reason why they would wear a posing suit to practice as opposed to their competition suit! What I love the most about Toxic Angelz Posing suits is that they are actual bikini and swimsuit material so they can be worn in the water! Definitely allows you to get more use out of your use and make it worth the price!!

What did you buy Sammy Jo!?!?

Okay, so since all of the bikinis are the same overall fit and style I wont break them down like I normally do! As I mentioned before the Posing suits are meant to be use year round depending on what season you’re in! So if you’re in prep you can wear the same suit you would wear if you were in a bulk or intentional growth phase (off season). With that being said all of the bikini bottoms have ties on the side so you can adjust them to fit no mater what phase your body is in! Also, regardless of your body type if you are a bikini competitor or wellness these will fit! As for the bikini top, these are measured in terms of bra size. I am a 34D and I wear a medium! I do advise checking their sizing chart to ensure you’re getting the perfect top that fits and keeps the girlies in place!!


YES you read that correct!! Toxic Angelz has over 100 prints and patterns to choose from for their posing suits. If you can think it, they most likely have it! There were 4 that stuck out to me the most!!

Breakfast All Day Posing Suit

This one is so freaking cute!!! Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Cereal and Coffee!!! NAME A BETTER BREAKFAST …… I’ll wait! This print is perfect for those early morning check in photos or posing practice that we do before breakfast to get our day started! Such a fun, colorful and interactive pattern!

Topical posing suit

This suit gives me all the HAWAII VIBES!!! Putting this suit on made me want to book the next flight to a tropical island! The colors are so vibrant and I am a SUCKER for anything palm leaf patterned! The best part about this pattern is that you can actually wear it to the beach!!! As I mentioned before these are REAL bikini’s!!

Wild Leopard posing suit

The black and white leopard pattern is so simple yet SO CUTE! I absolutely just love the simplicity of the black and white in this pattern! NOT to mention the cute little rhinestone connectors on the bikini that add the cutest little flair! Cheetah and leopard pattern are literally everywhere but NEVER get old, it’s always in style!

black camo posing suit

Going back to the basics here (literally LOL) with a cute black and white camo pattern! I feel like an absolute bad ass in this pattern, like I can accomplish ANYTHING! That is exactly how we need to feel when were on prep and practicing our posing, or even in a bulk!! You can never ever go wrong with a classic camo pattern!

Wrap it up!!

Alrighty babes I hope you LOVED these patterns as much as I did!! These are my top favorites that they had for sales at The Olympia Expo, but as I mentioned they have over 100 different patterns so this is just a small taste of what Toxic Angelz has to offer! I am so excited that I will now be working with them as an Ambassador and sharing more info and details on everything they have to offer!! If you’re in the market for a new Competition suit use Code: “SammyJo” to save 15% off! Also don’t forget to tag me in any Toxic Angelz post on IG so I can see all the cute posing suits you get!!!