Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for couples to celebrate their love and affection for one another. It’s also a great opportunity to add a little spice to the bedroom or romance to your life by treating yourself or your partner to something special, like lingerie. Whether you are shopping for your significant other or looking to boost your own confidence, Valentine’s Day lingerie is a fun and flirty way to celebrate the holiday of love!

When shopping for lingerie, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you or your partner feels comfortable and confident. First, consider the size and fit of the lingerie. It’s important to choose a size that fits properly, so that you or your partner can move comfortably and feel confident in the lingerie. Second, consider the style of the lingerie. There are many different styles to choose from, such as babydolls, chemises, teddies, and more. Choose a style that you or your partner feels comfortable and confident wearing. Lastly, choosing your color can be a tough decision! Pick something that you know compliments your skin tone or even pops the color in your eyes or maybe your hair! A classic black lingerie set is always a good go to and a safe option if you’re not sure what color would be best on you! Of course, for Valentine’s day lingerie pink or red are for sure the go to colors!

Sexy valentine’s day lingerie

There are a ton of store options when it comes to purchasing lingerie but my go to place to shop is Fashion Nova!! Fasion Nova is my absolute favorite place to shop, they have all different styles, colors, from sizes small to xxl, and even accessories! Their selection for Valentine’s day lingerie was absolutely stunning! There were so many options to choose from it was so hard to narrow it down to just 4 outfits! They even had simple Valentine’s Day underwear if you didn’t want to go all out with a fill lingerie set.

Now lets dive into these sets a little more in detail, shall we!?
All My Heart 3 Piece Garter Set

First off, we have the All My Heart 3 Piece Garter Set. OBSESSED is an understatement with this set. I purchased this set in a size small, (please see my measurements below for reference if needed) it fits me absolutely perfect! The top is great not too restricting and makes the girls look perky and amazing! It is lined with a cute pink and red hearts design on top of the mesh material. It is underwire but I can honestly say it was soo comfortable and didn’t dig into my skin at all. It provides great support since the cup of the bra is actually mesh material. The bottoms do run a little big so I did run into an issue with them being a little baggy and not as form fitting as I would prefer. The bottoms are also mesh and have the cute red and pink hearts design on it as well! The bottoms are a full g string so there is no coverage at all! The Garter belt on this one is so cute and ties in the hearts design matching the bra and underwear for this set! The trim is a shiny pink fabric that also lines the bra and underwear. What I love the most about the garter belt is that it has ribbon on the connectors so you can hide the clasp to the stockings!

You Are My Fantasy 3 Piece Garter Set

Next, we have the You Are My Fantasy 3 Piece Garter Set! I also purchased this one in a small. The only down side to this is that the bra and underwear are a one size order so the bra does run a little small and snug on me. The cups dont fully cover and fit the girls but over all still super cute!! This set is in a deep red color and the bra is covered with a super pretty lace fabric! The underwear on this one is also a G-string and has no coverage but a size small fits perfect for me! My absolute favorite part of this whole set is the garter belt! It wraps perfectly around the waist complimenting your figure and it is super flattering! However, the best part is the actual thigh straps for the garter. They are two double bands around the thigh that clip into the garters coming down in the front and the back. The straps on the garter give off a very sensual BDSM type vibe which I absolutely love paired with the lace of the bra, its elegant but fun all at the same time!

Woke Up In New York Lace Garter 3 Piece Set

Up next, we have the Woke Up In New York Lace Garter 3 Piece Set! This powder pink color is so elegant and cute and the lace design on this set is to die for! The bra for this set is more of a bralette. It clasps in the front with minimal support, however, it is super flattering. It does have adjustable straps to adjust per your comfort level! The bottoms for this set are more of a slightly cheeky thong. There is a bit more fabric in the back on this set which gives it that cheeky affect. The garter belt on this one is super thin and simple tying in the lace detailing on the bralette and the thong it has the same design with the pink garter straps hanging down. These ones also have the ribbon on them to hide the clasps! Overall the powder pink and lace on this one are just so adorable for celebrating V Day!

Soulmate Connection Corset 2 Piece Set

Lastly, we have the Soulmate Connection Corset 2 Piece Set. This is such a simple yet cute valentines lingerie. The top is a strapless corset that has multiple clasps in the back which were very easy to connect! However, I felt as though the top wasn’t super flattering for me because the cups were not full enough to completely cover me in the chest. There was no true underwiring or fullness in the material to actually cup and hold me in. This caused some rippling in the material. The hot pink fabric and lace on this set however, is so freaking cute and gives a spiciness to Valentine’s day lingerie! The bottoms for this set are a thong bottom as well so full coverage in the front but little to none in the back! This is the style of set you can dress up with accessories! Overall a simple outfit but you can add a flashy robe, stockings or jewelry to really spice this one up! I would say you could even pair this corset with some jeans and a jacket to wear out to your V Day dinner!

Valentine’s day lingerie

No matter who you are shopping for, Valentine’s Day lingerie is a fun and flirty way to celebrate the holiday of love. Whether you are looking to treat your significant other or boost your own confidence, there is a style of lingerie that is perfect for you. I am a huge believer in body confidence and body positivity and wearing sexy valentine’s day lingerie is a sure fire way to boost that confidence and just feel sexy in your own skin!

So go ahead and fill that bag up on Fashion Nova and treat yourself or your partner to something special this Valentine’s Day, and enjoy the many benefits that lingerie can bring to your romantic life!!


Height: 5’6”

Waist: 26”

Hips: 34.5”

Bust: 34D