BuffBunny Collection Haul & Review

I am so beyond excited for this haul and review! I love combining fitness and my clothing hauls together it really just fills my heart with so much joy! Also not to mention I’ve been DYING to buy from BuffBunny for sometime now and when I tell you, I SLEPT ON THEM FOR TOOOOO LONG!!  These pieces are just TO DIE for! So cute and comfy and versatile with the ability to mix and match all the pieces and colors!!


BuffBunny Collection is a women owned fitness apparel brand that HIGHLIGHTS inclusivity and promotes body positivity to the HIGHEST degree!! Their clothing sizes range from 2xs to 4xl, I have been in the fitness industry for almost 6 years now and I can confidently say BuffBunny is one of the first companies to have that many size options for their customers! If that doesn’t scream diversity and inclusion, I don’t know what will! Heidi Sommers is the owner of the company, and she prides herself on promoting confidence in women in and out of the gym. With providing a clothing line for women to feel confident and comfortable in their skin again, in and out of the gym! I am a HUGE advocate for body positivity and always feeling comfortable and confident, so I whole heartedly resonate with her message through and through!


This was my first time purchasing from BuffBunny I have been eyeing their clothes up for yearrrrrrs now and have heard nothing but amazing things about the company and the quality of their products!! I have been watching review and hauls on them for so long that now being able to provide one for you all is just sooooo freaking awesome and rewarding!! A true full circle moment for me!!!

This was also my first time purchasing outfits/pieces from a collection the day of it launching! I was super super nervous about getting everything that I had planned to purchase. I really felt like I was entering into the hunger games with this one …. MAY THE ODD BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR.

 I had a list of what I wanted and the sizes I wanted to get it in. What I loved the most about how BuffBunny did to market their launch was that they initially listed all the items being launched and their color waves. They made it a huge point to show different athletes and affiliates and list their measurements and sizes to get the most accurate comparison for the consumer! I personally do this in all of my hauls so for someone else to offer it to ensure that your purchase is spot on the first time around was so reassuring!! In addition to all of that, a few days before the launch they actually announced pricing for all of the items. This was HUGE for me because I was truly able to plan out my purchase and budget for the things that I really wanted and really go over each item to see what was important for me to purchase, what I could mix and match to create multiple outfits and make sure I really got the most for my money! From start to finish of finding out about the launch to hitting the checkout button I received so much support and information that I just knew I was making the right purchase and had no doubts ever!!!


LETS GET INTO THE REAL TEA HERE BABESSS!!! WHAT DID I BUY!?!!??!!?!?!? I wish with my whole heart I could have purchased one of everything in this collection, I AM BLOWN AWAY by the designs and color patterns in this collection, everything was so well thought out and just absolutely adorable!! I ended up getting 4 outfits (sets) total. In 4 different color waves. As I mentioned before with the mix and match, I probably have about 8+ combinations because of how versatile these pieces are!


For the Cloud Jogger set we have the Cloud Shrug Bolero, Cloud Joggers and the Candy Wrapped Sports Bra all in the color Mojave Mint. I am so freaking sad because there was a cloud bralette that sold out INSTANTLY (insert crying emoji here) I am ABSOLUTELY OBSESSSSSSED with this color it is a light mint green color and GIVES ME LIFEEEEEEE!

 Starting off with the Cloud Shrug Bolero, this is somewhat of a cropped hoodie but just extremely cropped LOL it is long sleve and comes down about 1/3 of the way down in the back and then just covers the top of the chest collar bone section in the front! I did purchase this one in a Medium to give myself more wiggle room in the shoulders and the arms so that I wasn’t too restrictive. The cloud material is a cotton spandex blend so it is unbelievably soft and stretchy! It also has a a really cute embroidering on the left sleeve of the BuffBunny Collection Logo! From there we have the Cloud Joggers, I got these in a small and they fit me perfect! I wanted to get these a tad more form fitted as opposed to baggy and super loose. I could have sized up to a medium for a baggier look if I wanted! The stretch in the joggers is perfect and allows room to move, walk and sit. These could very well be worn during a workout with the amount of stretch but with how thick/soft the material is I would suggest wearing it on a low impact upper body day! They have the classic scrunch at the bottom like most joggers do and a nice thicker waist band that hugs and sits nicely on the wait, with a tie that is on the inside so you get a nice sleek look! With this as I mentioned I got the candy wrapped sports bra in a size medium. I was very on the fence about small or medium for the sports bras because I do like them to be a tad more compressive to make sure the girls stay in place! For this sports bra a medium was PERFECT! I am a 34D for reference and the band around the bust sat perfectly providing great support without digging into my skin. The girls are nice and secure without being suffocated and smushed up to my throat LOLOL they sit comfortably and the v-neck taper on the sports bra compliments them well without them literally hanging out! The wrap portion of the sports bra add a simple and cute design to the sports bra without being too over powered and busy! The straps in the back are adjustable which is great to give a little or less support if needed!


Next up we have the legacy leggings and the Monarch Sports Bra both in the color Vapor! The Vapor color is a super pretty purple color very similar to a lavender color! I purchased the legacy leggings in size small, they fit me great. They are made with their Nubre fabric which is a nylon spandex blend so there is some stretch and light compression to them. I would say if I wanted more compression I could definitely size down to an x-small in these. They have a nice tapered waist giving that small waist illusion that we ALLL LOVE! There is also some contouring in the material on that back of the leggings to really contour the booty, SOOOO FLATTERING! The Legacy leggings are a 26” inseam which is a standard leggings length. Moving onto the Monarch sports bra, this I did purchase in a medium and with the compression and fit of this sports bra it does fit great but I could definitely size down to a small for a little more compression and support for the girlies! The lattice strap design in the back is so freaking cute and adds so much detailing to a simple sports bra. There is a slight vneck taper on this one as well that slightly shows clevage but not too much, veryyyyy tasteful especially for working out at the gym! The thicker band around the bust provides a great amount of support and the thicker straps keep everything in place without slipping during a workout!


I also purchased the Demi Shorts & Monarch Sports Bra in the color Tea Leaf. This is a deeper green than the Mojave mint we saw in the cloud set. However its still on the lighter side, but giving olive tones! I purchased the Demi Shorts in a size small and they fit me absolutely perfect! They are super similar to the old school Nike Pro style shorts. They do sit high waisted on the hips and have the thicker back which eliminates the shorts rolling down during a workout. It also has the cute BuffBunny logo imprinted on the band! The shorts  have a 2-1/2” inseam but the way they sit on my quads personal I do slide them up to make them a tad shorted but that’s just personal preference in how I wear my shorts! These are also the Nubre fabric so the nylon spandex blend. ITS LIKE WEARING NOTHING TO THE GYM OMG, I FELT NAKED WHILE WORKING OUT… IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE!!!! For the Monarch Sports Bra in the color Tea Leaf it is the same as in the last outfit, I got a medium as well and could definitely size down! I do love that the padding is removable for this sports bra because you can see the outline though the material so I personally took it out and it made a huge difference.


Lastly, we have the Siren Shorts in the color Onyx and the Candywrap Sports Bra in the color white. For the Siren Shorts they were not part of the storm collection but I’ve had my eye on them for quite some time now so I just HAD to get them!! I am absolutely OBSESSED!! I got them in a size small and they fit amazing. These shorts are a 4” inseam and they didn’t ride up during my workout! The thing I love the most about these shorts the the v taper waste affect they have. It is a crossover wrap affect that really tapers in the waist and is so flattering! The candywrap sports bra is the same as we explained before size medium for me was perfect being 34D as my measurements! I definitely could size up to a large for a little less compression! The padding is removeable for this one as well which I did and I feel like it helped a lot in terms of the compression begin a little more form fittings to my body.


I couldn’t be more happy with the items I purchased in this haul from the BuffBunny Storm Collection!! This will most definitely not be my last purchase from them, I will be getting A LOT more from them in the future!! I am just blown away by the quality of the fabric and the overall designs and intricacy in these pieces!! I can honestly say this was all 110% worth the money spent! If you don’t have a cart full of BuffBunny what are you waiting for !?!?!? DO NOT SLEEP on BuffBunny as long as I did!!


Height: 5’6”

Waist: 26”

Hips: 34.5”

Bust: 34D