My Favorite Loungewear Bra and Underwear Sets!

My Favorite Loungewear Bra and Underwear Sets!

HI babeessss!!! I am back to tell you about one of my FAVORITE brands! Lounge Underwear!! They have the absolutely best Women’s Bras and Underwear, lingerie, and comfy loungewear clothes! An absolutely one stop shop for everything you need to feel sexy, confident and comfortable in your own skin!


I have purchased many sets from them but I cannnnot GATE KEEP! I want to tell you about my top 4 favorite women’s sets from Lounge! Both bras and underwear and Lingerie! They are affordable, comfy and SUPER cute!!

Ultra Comfort Ribbed Tshirt Bra and Underwear

For the first set we have the Ultra Comfort Ribbed Tshirt Bra and Underwear set in the color Mocha! This is the perfect set for an every day wear! The bra is underwire but it sits so comfortably on your torso provided great support and the wire does not dig into your skin! They have this set in multiple color options which pairs perfectly with any outfit color you choose to ensure the shirt is not seen through! However, I will say with the set being “ribbed” material if you are wearing a tight shirt it will show through the show. The underwear for this set has a nice thick waist band that hugs and sits comfortably on your hips! They are full coverage in the front and a full thong in the back providing minimal panty lines! If you’re looking for a comfy wear daily set this is the one for you to get!

Sustainable Royal Balcony Bra & Thong.

Next we have the Sustainable Royal Balcony Bra & Thong. This one is absolutely ADORABLE and in the color Turquoise. My absolute FAVORITE! This is a simple but sexy and COMFY set! Definitely a multi-purpose set here! The lacey detailing on this one is to die for and adds that sexy flair! However, the underwire provide great support to wear over a long period of time! So if you’re trying to cute, sexxy and comfy this is the perfect set for you to get! The bottoms on this one are going to be a full long with the waist band sitting higher up on the hips giving a “high waist” effect. Personally I love that high waist look but the bottoms are versatile so if you prefer them to hug your hips they would sit comfortably there as well!

Mindful Set

Next up we have the Mindful Set in the color Frost! This one is BEYOND COMFORTABLE! I feel like I have clouds wrapped around my body hugging every curve! The bra top for this set has no wire in it and still provides an ample amount of support! It is foam padded as well which aids in the support but also provides a great push up but still keep that cloud like comfort for long term wear! The bottoms for this set are a buttery soft material also like cloud and are full coverage in the front and thong in the back. The strap in the back is thicker providing great support but still using that soft comfortable material! This is an amazing lounge set or an everyday use set if you plan on having a long day!


Lastly, we have the OG BLACK BLOSSOM BALCONY BRA & THONG set! This is one of the first sets I purchased from Lounge underwear and I am so obsessed with it, they have this product in a few other colors as well! I purchased it in black and Lavender and it is to DIE FOR!! The intricate detail in the lace is simple yet stunning and the lace itself is stretchy which is great and contours to your body so comfortably! There is underwire in this bra which provides great support while still being cute and sexy!


I am beyond happy that I got to share my favorite sets with you and spread the word on this amazing brand!! I am absolutely obsessed with the product and plus this is a one stop shop for all of your lingerie, daily wear and comfy sets! WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR!! They have a ton of styles for Women’s bras ranging from comfy sports bras to supportive underwire, lace, and everything in between!! RUN DONT WALK AND GO SHOP TILL YOU DROP!!