My top favorite swimwear from BoutineLA

My top favorite swimwear from BoutineLA

BABEESSS it might be winter but its never too soon or too late to buy some new swimwear for the beach! We can always chase the warm weather in the winter time and book a nice tropical beach vacation! If you’re booking a trip or live somewhere with warm weather year round well I have the BEST swimsuit brands to shop at for you! BOUTINELA!!! They are my all time favorite swimwear company and have all of the cutest and trendy swimsuits you can think of!


From mix and match bikini tops and bottoms, one piece swimsuit, cover ups and more they have it all! I will say they are on the pricier side ranging from roughly $60 to $100 for a two piece set. However, I can CONFIDENTLY say it is 10000% worth the cost! They are all super eye catching, comfortable, and made with quality fabrics! Most of their suits have solid colors and no prints keeping it super simple but also so freaking cute and trendy!

I am sure you’re dying to see these suits! I could talk for HOURS AND HOURS about Boutine LA and how much I love their brand and everything they sell! I will cut to the JUICY tea and talk about my top 5 bikinis!

Sage Green SATIN Scrunch Bikini Top & Bottom

First off, we have the Sage Green SATIN Scrunch Bikini Top & Bikini Bottom no words can express how much I absolutely LOVE this bathing suit. It is so comfy and SOO CUTE! Starting with the Bikini top it is a cute bandeau style top with adjustable straps and the cute scrunch effect in the front! For the bikini bottom on this set, it is verrrry cheeky! That is what they’re known for, just about all their bathing suits and one piece swimsuit are all very cheeky. So do keep that in mind when shopping and purchasing these swimsuits. I personally don’t mind that at all so im all for it! Back to the bottoms, they also have adjustable straps which allow you to set them up high waisted or keep them lower on the waist if you prefer that! I was apprehensive about the satin material holding up in the water but I wore this on my honeymoon and had no issues!

Shore Blue BAE Top and Tie Bottom

Next up, we have the Shore Blue BAE Top and Tie Bottoms. This is going to be from their Chooks collection, which is all more sporty style bathing suit. These will target and tailor to more of an active wear use. If you enjoy water sports or sports activities on the beach then this one is for you! The shore blue color on this is to DIE FOR and one of my favorite colors personally! The sporty style of this one is so cute and unlike any bikini I have! The bikini top for this one is definitely modeled more of a sports bra provided more support with the thicker straps. The bikini bottom is a tad more fuller coverage in the from and hugs the his high waisted but still cheeky in the back. The thicker band on the waist also provides support so the suit does not move while you are active.

Coral V Cut Bikini Top & Minimal Bottom

Next up, we have the Coral V Cut Bikini Top & Minimal Bikini Bottoms! I have to start off by saying this one is definitely more of a peachy color than a coral color. Its not as deep of an “orange” as coral would be, its more of a lighter peachy color. Still absolutely adorable and I am NOT MAD at alll LOL. For the Bikini top on this set it is a sports bra style top clasping in the back with adjustable straps and then a very cute V cut out in the front. This does expose the breast and cleavage a bit so if you are larger in the chest ladies do keep that in mind! I am a 34D and I don’t have too many “spillage” issues but the girllllies are out when wearing this top! The bottoms on this one are just as they are named “Minimal” HAHA a very small strap and thong bottom there is not much coverage on this one and it is very cheeky! Again, I don’t mind that at all but something to keep in mind if you are booking maybe a family vacation and you would prefer to be a bit more covered up!

Ash Grey Fringe Bikini Top & Bikini Bottom

We then have the, Ash Grey Fringe Bikini Top & Bikini Bottom! This one is so simple yet so cute! The top is your traditional triangle bikini top with ties at the top and the back. The cute fringe accent piece on the bottom of the triangle add the cutest flair! Not to mention the bottoms have that same accent to it to tie it all together! The bottoms on this set are not adjustable and are tiny and cheeky as usual for their brand! I love that the top is the tie straps to provide as much or as little support as needed!

Blush Pink Wave Top & Bottom

Lastly, we have the Blush Pink Wave Top & Bottom, this set is so simple and cute! the blush pink is such an adorable color that would look great on any body type or skin tone! The top is a full coverage bandeau style and then ties criss cross in the back. It has thicker straps to provide more support at the top. So for my ladies that are bigger in the chest this is definitely a top you should consider purchasing! As for the bottoms on this bathing suit, they are still relatively tiny and have a really cute scrunch affect going on throughout the whole bottom. This add the cutes flair to the simplicity of the suit. The scrunch effect on this suit matches the same through the straps on the bikini top! Overall a great support and super cute bathing suit for really any vacation or occasion.


All in all if you’re planning a trip or live someone where with Warm weather all year round Boutine LA is definitely the place for you to shop! They have everything from two piece bikinis to one piece swimsuit for all body types! This is one of the best swimsuit brands with a wide range of options! You can mix and match colors and styles and you will not be disappointed! All of the link as imbedded for you to shop easily! Check out my youtube channel for some more in depth reviews on Boutine LA!