What Body Type are YOU?!

I cannot stress this enough!!! No two bodies are the exact same! Please re-read that about a million times… Get it? Got it? Gewwwd! LOL

Now let me drop some facts and explain why…

Okay so like I said no two people are completely the exact same, BUTTTT people are built similarly. Overall, there are 3 different body types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. Now let’s dive a bit deeper into these three body types to understand them better. We’ll focus on how to classify them and the Dos and Don’ts for each body type! 

**Ectomorph**  Someone who has an ectomorph body type is usually lean and long with a fast metabolism and generally has a hard time building muscle. To visually describe an ectomorph, they are typically said to have a “runners” body. Due to a high metabolism, this body type processes carbohydrates in to energy quicker and has an easier time burning fat. For a person with this body type to build muscle they should focus primarily on high intensity, compound exercises (ex. Squats and deadlifts) and secondary on isolated exercises, while keeping cardio to minimum. A typical workout split would be 3 days of strength training (reps in the 8-12 range) and paired with 2 days of low intense cardio. **Note this is just a general workout split suggestion** One big issue when it comes to Ectomorphs is that they are not eating enough. FOOD IS OUR FRIEND PEEPS!! Since this body type has a fast acting metabolism, nutrition and calories in are key. Granted, calories in will vary for each individual because everyones training style and calories burned will be different.

Someone with a Mesomorph body type has no issue building muscle mass while keeping the body fat off. A Mesomorph has the “ideal athletic” body structure. Mesomorphs are similar to Ectomorph in that they need a moderate to high amount of carbs. Mesomorphs benefit the most from the typical “gym bro” meal of chicken, rice and broccoli.  A Mesomorph can be found training similar to an athlete; high intensity, short interval training, including: sprints, vertical jumps and other plyometric movements. Plyometric movements are done with the intention of building strength. This type of workout focuses on power movements, as mentioned before the fast moving, heavy weight movements preformed in a short period of time. One big issue when it comes to Mesomorphs is that they just consider their body type a blessing. AND trust me.. IT IS!! However, most people with this body type take it for granted and do no work to maintain their physic. Another thing to keep in mind is while this body type has the ability to keep body fat off, that is NOT a one way ticket to the eat whatever you want train. Hard work is KEY to maintaining this body type in its’ best form!!!

**Endomorph** Someone who has an endomorph body type typically has a higher percentage of body fat with less muscle mass. Endomorphs generally have a larger frame/bone structure and a harder time burning fat and losing weight, they have what we general call the “pear shape” figure. However, this does not mean an endomorph is necessarily obese, but because of their genetic makeup, their body is more sensitive to their daily caloric consumption. Contrary to an Ectomorph, Endomorphs are more sensitive to carbohydrates. Endomorphs should follow a lower carb diet, consisting of high fiber carbs (ex: oats and brown rice) and consuming mostly vegetables as their main carb source, in additional too high protein. As for workouts, an Endomorph should focus on HIIT cardio (High Intensity Interval Training) which will help with fat loss and Hypertrophy workouts (Heavy Weight, Low Reps) to aid in building more muscle mass. More times than not, I see someone with an Endomorphic body type doing hours upon hours of steady pace cardio, a million crunches and body weight squats but staying away from weight. This is a huge misconception for this body type and many people in general. Steady pace cardio is going to build stamina not aid in fat loss. While crunches and squats are helpful, we CANNOT target fat loss, so we need to incorporate weights and a variety of exercises. 

Okkaaay, WHEWW. That was a TON of info RIGHT?! So let’s sum it up. Ectomorphs have the “runners” body with a high metabolism. Mesomorphs have the “athletic” body with more muscle mass and less body fat. Endomorphs have the “pear shape” figure with generally more body fat and less muscle mass.

SOOOO, remember when we said no two bodies are alike, well that still holds true, BUTTT now we know that everyone has a specific body type classification that signifies how they will gain muscle or lose fat. In many cases people are actually a combination of two body types. This means they hold some qualities of each body type. The most common combinations are Ectomorph/Mesomorph and Endomorph/Mesomorph.

PLEASEEEE remember that your body type is based on genetics so your body type will ALWAYS be your body type it cannot change. While the human body is magnificent and has the ability to be transform with the right nutrition and exercise, the qualities of your body type will stick with you forever!

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XOXO Sammy Jo