wHaT iS tHe BeSt DiEt?!

This is easily THE most asked question I get and I can answer that question in 4 simple words… There is not one!

MIND BLOWN, but truthfully there is no diet that is the “best” diet. Yes yes, I know you’re probably thinking I’m a crazy woman and that’s a bunch of BS.

I AINT LYIN’ ! The best diet is the one that works best for YOU and YOUR GOALS. Every single human being is physically, environmentally, ethnically, financially and preferentially different so there is not a “one diet fits all” option because that would just be silllllllllly.

I mean let’s be real if your religion or personal preference does not allow you to eat meat than a paleo diet consisting of mostly lean meats and fish is not for you but a vegan diet would. So safe to say there are many factors in deciding which diet would be best for you! Well that is what I’m here for let me fill you in on some of those factors!

  • Body Type: this is a huge factor! Not everyone’s body processes nutrients the same. There are three main body types; Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph and each body type reacts different to working out and nutrient. Future blog on the different body types coming soon!!
  • Body Composition and Fitness Level: Again, we are all different! You cannot compare yourself to anyone else. You may have someone who runs marathons frequently, someone who occasionally hits the gym, or someone who hasn’t workout ever in their life. While all of those lifestyles are okay, each person’s diet will look very different.
  • Dietary Preferences or Restrictions: We all know that one picky eater whose list of things they do eat is smaller than what they don’t eat. We also all know someone whose nickname is “garbage disposal” and they’ll eat and try ANYTHING! You also may be allergic or sensitive to certain foods which can cause some restrictions when choosing what to eat. This is a big factor, it’s not only about what nutrients our body will process but what we are willing to eat.
  • Budget: Whether you are a college student ballin’ on a budget, eating in the school caf, or well established working a 9-5 job or anywhere in between this will also limit you to what foods are available and in your budget when you are shopping and choosing your foods.
  • Time: This is a HUGE factor when deciding and looking into which nutrition choices work best for you. You may have a wide-open schedule that allows you to cook fresh meals every day for each serving. On the other hand, you may live a busy active schedule forcing you to eat most of your meals on the go.
  • Age: While age is but a number, the body thinks differently. Metabolism is a huge factor when focusing on nutrition and the goals that you are trying to achieve. As we age our metabolism slows down and our GI track and its abilities change.

Okay soooooooo we remember that every single human being in this world is different in many many ways. There is no way possible to classify one specific diet that would work with everyone. I mean commmon’ we know that you’ve bought those one size fits all leggings or bathing suit and how well did that work for you?! I know when I did that it was comical… SOOO there’s no logical way to have a “one size fits all” DIET! Use the factors above and lay out what would work best for YOU and YOUR lifestyle. If you are looking to know more about the different diet options, feel free to email or message me on IG for some more help!

XOXO Sammy Jo