Guys I am so beyond excited to review Arms Race Nutrition for you!! Arms Race Nutrition is a supplement company founded by Julian and Casey Smith! I have been following them in the fitness industry for some time now, and had the pleasure of working with Julian back in 2018 when I was an ambassador with! Once I found out that they started their own line I was soooo excited to try it out for myself after hearing sooo any great things about it!!

I hurried online and placed my order of a few different supplements in different flavors so I would have a nice variety to try out and review for you all! I am going to go over briefly what I purchased and the flavor but wont go to in depth of what the actual product is itself!!


First off is the Pre workout! We have Harness and Daily Pump both in the flavor Big Sky. Daily Pump is their non-stim pre workout. Meaning there is no caffeine or beta alanine but it does have l-citrulline and other pump activating ingredients in it! Harness, however, does have Caffeine, Beta Alanine, L-Citrulline in it along with a few other ingredients making this one a full stim pre-workout. I mixed these two together to get the full stim effects for my workout and to boost my bloodflow causing more of a pump during my workout! If you are someone who is caffeine sensitive I would recommend just gettunig the Daily Pump, and if you are not caffeine sensitive and don’t mind the itchiness of Beta Alanine I would HIGHLY suggest combining the two products!

From there we order Replenish in the flavor Big Sky as well! Replenish is an EAA and BCAA mix great for intra-workout to help with muscle recovery and hydration!  Next supplement is Vigor in the flavor Bombsicle, the fan favorite 4th of July popsicle flavor!! Vigor is an advance creatine blend! The bombsicle flavor is to die for, not too overly sweet but just enough to get the flavor on point! I also purchased Clarity in the flavor Very Cherry Berry. Clarity is for Brain function and health. It is an energy booster and helps with overall mental clarity and minimizes brain fog! Another supplement I purchased was their Immunity Greens in the flavor Pinneapple Mango. If you know me I am a sucker for tropical flavors so I was verrrry excited for this one! Immunity greens are a superfoods blend, great for gut health, immunity support and much much more!


 Last but not least we ordered the Foundation protein sample pack! The flavors in the sample back are; Banana Cream Pie, Cookies and Cream, Snickerdoodle, Maple Pancake and Apple Fritter. For me personally I use almond milk to mix my protein so I waited until getting home from the gym to try these out! I tried the Apple Fitter flavor and OMGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the best protein flavors I have ever had in my life. I am not even being dramatic by any means. As someone who has been in the fitness industry for about 6 years now I have tried a lot of different companies and a lot of different flavors and this one by far is the best tasting I have ever had. It does not have that chalky protein taste to it or the gritty texture of not mixing well. It was smooth and sweet but not over powering. Having mixed it with almond milk it tasted like a milkshake, MY GOOOODNESS im drooling just thinking about it!!


Going back to the preworkout, I took this stack before hitting a back workout! I had such an amazing workout! My energy was through the roof but I also didn’t feel as though I was like tweaked out like some high preforming pre workouts can make you feel. The beta alanine in it was strong so I did have that itchy feeling but personally I do love that! The serving size on both of them is 2 scoops and I did do the full serving for both. If you are sensitive to one or the other or don’t prefer a lot of beta alanine you can definitely cut back to 1 scoop of the Harness instead! Same with the Daily pump if you do not want to do too high of dosing for the L-Citrulline then you can cut back to 1 scoop or even just ½ a scoop for that!! I had a juiceeeeeeeeeey workout and really pushed myself! Ill list my full workout below for you all! 😊

Back Day Workout!

Full body stretch to start off with!

Seated Rows – 4set of 12reps

ISO Machine Low Rows – 4sets of 12reps

Cable Lat Pulldowns – 4sets of 12reps

ISO High Cable Bicep Curls – 4sets of 12reps (each arm)

Bent Over Barbell Rows – 5sets of 12reps

Alternating Dumbbell Curls – 3sets of 12reps (per arms)

Hanging Leg Raises – 4sets of 20reps

Give this workout a try and let me know what you think!!!


Overall Arms Race Nutrition has some amazing products and I am sooo beyond excited that I got to try them out and review it all for you guys!! This is only just a quarter of the flavors and products that they have!! They really have just about anything and everything you need for your fitness journey and to assist in accomplishing all of your goals, whether it be weight/muscle gaining, fat loss, maintenance you name it they have something for you! All of their products are back by science and studies and Julian even uses his own supplements and stacks on a daily basis!! Hope you guys enjoy these products just as much as I do! IF you have any questions please feel free to ask away and if you do end up purchasing their products after this review please tag me!!! @itssammyjo_ 😊 As of now I don’t have a code with them so support my coach and use Code “Kyler” at check out to save some money!!