Okay I know you’ve had these thoughts before, you are working so hard and wondering why you weren’t seeing results as quickly as you’d like. REMINDER: the Egyptian pyramids were not build overnight, so your dream bod will not either! REPEAT AFTER ME: MY RESULTS WILL NOT MAGICALLY APEAR OVERNIGHT.

PLEASEEE don’t get me wrong I’m sure you are working hard, you’re dedicated, motivating and making all of the right decisions. HOWEVER, calories are hidden in everything, I repeat EVERYTHING we consume. BUT SAMMY JO?!?! I eat salads, drink smoothies, eat my veggies and prep healthy well-balanced meals.

HONEEEEEY, I hear you I reallllly do, you are off to an amazing start and you are KICKING A**. BUT let me open your eyes to a few things you may be doing when preparing your meals or nutrition plans that you don’t realize could be holding you back!

When focusing on your nutrition, whether you are tracking macros, counting calories, intuitive eating etc. If you are tracking you need to account for everything entering your body, because EVERYTHING COUNTS. I come across this more often than not when people are counting macros, “this is such a small amount, I don’t need to track it” or “I know it’s healthy, I’ll be okay”

…Linda honey listen to me…yes it will and here is why:

* Seasonings: I know I know we all don’t want plain flavorless food but many seasonings contain salt and other additives that are NO BUENO! Utilize natural flavors like fresh garlic cloves and herbs. Pink salt and fresh ground pepper are also your BFF.

* Sauces/Dressings: again NO ONE wants to eat flavorless foods so whiles they add great flavor, many dressings and sauces are filled with fats and sugars! Look for sugar free or low-fat options of your favorites! **I know you just cringed while reading the words “sugar free” but I PROMISE don’t knock it until you try it! I was in your same position not long ago and man “sugar free” is my HOMIEEEE now LOL**

* Juices: **HOLDDD UPP (SKIRTTT)** I know you’re thinking, “I’m pretty sure I’ve been told my whole life that fruits and veggies are nutritious and delicious” “have I been lied too?!” No no, CHILL SIS no one is lying to you. YES 100% fruits and veggies are important and healthy, but they are still high in fructose. While it is a natural source that is healthy when consumed in moderation, keep in mind those sugars = carbohydrates and most of the fiber is stripped when the fruit is processed into juice.

*** there were no funny memes about juice….sorrrry**

* Oils & Butters: **hellllllo BUTTER ME UP BABBBY! Who can say no to butter, am I right!? LOL** BUT on a serious note when cooking 9 times out of 10, I KNOW you cook with oil or butter BECAUSE DUHH I do too! No one wants their food stuck to the pan or tray, HONEY YOU ARE PREACHING TO THE CHOIR. What most people don’t consider is that oils and butter are LOADED with fats that aren’t accounted for 99% of the time. LUCKY FOR YOU there are always alternatives. 0 calorie butter is a great option! You can also consider using healthier fats such as olive oil, coconut oil or nut butters. **While yes you will still have to account for those, healthy fats are less processed and NEEDED to help cell growth and protect your organs.**

Okay back to reality, I know you’re probably thinking “wow Sammy Jo this is really hard core, that’s a no for me dawg”. I promise I am not telling you to scan the salt and pepper shaker to track in My Fitness Pal … LOL. This by no means to intimidate you in any way shape or form. This is to educate you and help you change your decision-making process when you are out shopping for groceries or ordering food. Your nutrition and health should not be a restriction but a life style. When you are aware of what is entering your body you naturally make healthier and better decisions.

XOXO Sammy Jo – @sammyjofit